The Eco Paint Collection

Introducing our range of 4 rich and bold paint colours. Discover the beauty of colour with our Eco Emulsion Paint Collection

Temi x Francesca Paints

Back in 2019, I crossed paths with Francesca during my search for eco-friendly paints. At the time, finding a colourful eco paint in the UK was quite the challenge. Learning about Francesca Paints, one of the early pioneers in eco-friendly paints in the UK, I couldn’t resist visiting her Clapham studio. Our shared passion for colour resulted in an instant connection.

I left her studio that day with a vibrant rich eco paint that propelled me on an unforgettable journey of colour exploration.

Fast forward five years, and it feels like a natural progression to collaborate on this paint collection. Our shared dedication to bringing vibrant hues into homes aligns perfectly with my design mission.

The Temi x Francesca Paints collection comprises four rich shades, each offering a seamless transition to infuse colour into your living spaces. It’s an honest celebration of our mutual love for creating inviting, colourful environments.