Temi x Francesca Paints

Introducing our range of 4 rich and bold paint colours. Discover the beauty of colour with our Eco Emulsion Paint Collection

Why Eco Emulsion?

Our water-based Eco Emulsion is eco-friendly, plastic-free, and breathable. With its biodegradable nature, plastic-free paint reduces long-term waste accumulation and encourages the use of sustainable, renewable resources.

Breathable paint helps to regulate moisture levels, prevent condensation, and reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth. The benefits of using breathable paints goes beyond moisture control. Breathable paints also contribute to a healthier living environment for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies, as well as enhancing the overall comfort of a room. This makes it ideal to use in all settings and particularly in bathrooms.

Our Eco Emulsion can be gently wiped, but it is not scrubbable. Colour variation can occur between batches due to the natural pigments used, therefore, it is recommended that you purchase all your paint at the same time.

The approach to our Eco Paint Collection is incredibly hands-on – a true colourist Francesca does everything in her studio. The pigments used are of the highest quality and only 12 are used, a combination of mineral, organic and synthetic. As a result for orders over 10Ltrs we ask that you contact us to place your order.